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For 36 years, family company Mold & Mildew Solutions, LLC has helped tens of thousands family homes in Central AL, to not only create, but also to maintain healthy, humidity free homes, crawl spaces, and basements. He will come in to detect the moisture issues, provide the proper industry solutions and put solutions in place to ensure the health of your family. Trust us to be your certified trusted mold and moisture advisors inside your home, basements and crawl spaces.

Schedule an Assessment!

Schedule an on-property, 4-part assessment of your home or commercial space. Every Mold Severity Index™ driven assessment includes:

  • Information Gathering:  Your background, habits, property history and a full understanding of your concerns

  • Building Inspection:  An assessment of your property's current condition, identification of all problems sources, and health and safety determinations

  • Preliminary Determination:  Conclusions from the inspection documenting all known and suspected sources of moisture and services that will be needed

  • Development of Work Plans:  Recommendations of specific services, procedures, a schedule of services and an estimate

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908 13th St N Suite A
Birmingham, AL 35203


(205) 252-9506

Opening Hours

Mon - Fri

8:00 am – 4:00 pm

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