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"Pre-cleaning surfaces prior to use". That's the common direction on every bottle of disinfectant. 


PreClean was developed as a concentrated, alkaline cleaner to power through organic soil loads on water, sewage, mold, fire and bio-hazard jobs prior to sanitizing and disinfection. The formula is a combination of wetting agents, surfactants, anti-redeposition agents, and essential oils for pre-sanitization/disinfection cleaning of porous, semi-porous and non-porous surfaces. It's enhanced with the fresh-smelling essential oil blend from SorbAssist to leave behind a truly fresh and clean environment. The dilution of PreClean is based on the soil load level, so see the dilution tab for starting points.


PreClean works by wetting out and penetrating soil loads and the surface to lift, suspend and prevent soil load redeposition while wet. See the "Use Instruction" tab for more information. 


Start every job with PreClean to guarantee a visibly clean and dust-free surface.


PriceFrom $42.00
  •   Lower Range Upper Range
    Low Soil Load 2oz/gal 12oz/gal
    Medium Soil Load 16oz/ gal 32oz/gal
    High Soil Load 48oz/gal Undiluted


    1. Dilute PreClean based on soil load level.
    2. Apply by low pressure spray, misting, foaming, flooding or mop application.
    3. Allow to dwell for as long as practical to penetrate, dissolve, and lift soil loads. Avoiding drying.
    4. Remove dissolved soiling by extraction, wipe, or rinse methods.
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