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This starter kit contains everything you need to execute REACT|EXTRACT on up to 3000 board feet of material with an average Mold Severity Index™ of 3.

The REACT|EXTRACT Starter Kit includes:

  • (2) Heavy Duty Pump Sprayer 
  • (2) Flat fan tips (1, 8001 tip / 1, 8002 tip)
  • (2) cases of OxyPrep 
  • (1) case of Oxypar LR 
  • (1) case of Dutrion (24, 20-gram tablets)
  • (1) case of SorbAssist (6, 8oz bottles)
  • (1) case of Speed Zero (6, 8oz bottles)


REACT|EXTRACT is a scrub-free system that uses our proprietary sprayer, the power of reacted chemistry, and wet vacuum extraction to quickly and safely complete remediation jobs with up to 70% less labor and low chemical fumes.



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