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Enviroguard Mold Services Certification

For 2023, we’re offering a full day Mold Services Certification Course. The course establishes complete coordination between marketing, sales, the office and the field. From the time your representative arrives at a home or business, through the successful execution of the job, this course is step-by-step and complete. Safety, S-520 Standard Guidelines for Mold Remediation, Environmental Condition (1,2,3), Conducive Conditions, Soil Load, Mold Severity Index 1-5, Procedural Efficiency, Sales Process and Recurrence Prevention are core to this course.

Core Elements of Certification

  • Safety Training for Incidental, Direct and Prolonged Chemical Exposures

  • Reinforcing S-520 Standard Guidelines for Mold Remediation

  • Environmental Conditions 1,2, 3, Source Removal and Conducive Conditions

  • The Property Assessment and Mold Severity Indexing

  • Assigning remediation procedures to Mold Severity Indexing

  • Hands-on BTM Spray System Training (assembly, setup, use and maintenance)

  • Reducing labor with step-by-step, hands-on procedural fumigation, wipe down and REACT|EXTRACT training

  • Passive Moisture Controls for Recurrence Prevention

  • The 6-Step S.E.T. Sales Process and Maximizing Sales Conversion

  • S.E.T. Sales Process role play and using the Assessment, Education and Estimating tools

  • Accurate Estimating based on Mold Severity Indexing

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Certified Firm Opportunity

We Come to You
$1,499 * 

Want to host a Certification Course at your location? For an entire day, we'll focus with your team and train with the specifics of your operation in mind. 

This course runs from 8am until 5pm with mid-morning, lunch and mid-afternoon breaks. The cost of the class at your location is $1499* and covers travel, accommodations, per diem, the full day course and course materials.

*The cost will vary to cover travel accommodations outside of a 2-hour radius to our HQ.

You Come to Us

Come to Enviroguard HQ, in Banner Elk, for a day of intense, hands-on certification training amongst a group of your peers.

The course will run from 8am until 5pm with mid-morning, lunch and mid-afternoon breaks. The cost of the class at your location is $499 per person and covers the full day course, course materials and lunch.

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