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  • What is the cost of certification?
    There is no direct fee for certification or certification classes. The cost of certification is built into a monthly service fee which after onboarding includes: 3 Day Service-based Certification training classes Monthly marketing, sales and service support Region-based geo-tracking
  • Are discounts available on large orders?
    Yes. Several years ago, we learned from our contractor customers that predictable pricing is important for producing consistent estimates and for incentivizing the production side of their business, so our discounts are based on annualized purchase volume as follows: 3% Discount (Tier 1) = Less than $4999/year 6% Discount (Tier 2) = $5000 - $9999/year 9% Discount (Tier 3) = $10,000 - $19,999/year 12% Discount (Tier 4) = $20,000 - $39,999/year 15% Discount (Tier 5) = $40,000+/year This means that whether you need a small order or large order, your price and profitability is always predictable.
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