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Dutrion Starter Kits provide customers with an assortment of Dutrion Tabs and labeled containers to make adopting the product line seamless while taking into consideration regulatory compliance and field productivity.


Starter Kit includes:

(2) Labeled 5-gallon pail

(4) Labeled 1-gallon jug

(8) Labeled quart trigger sprayers

(2) Professional Pump Sprayers

(1) Foil Bag (120) 1-gram tabs

(1) Foil Bag (60) 4-gram tabs

(1) Case (24) 20-gram tabs

(2) Foil Bag (4) 100-gram tabs

Dutrion Master Pack

    • EPA-registered
    • Easy to use concentrated tablets
    • 1 minute / 5 minute dwell times based on concentration
    • Restores plastics for a new appearance and longevity
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