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Code Orange is a versatile heavy duty cleaner for soot and oil removal. It is concentrated an can be heavily diluted for light and medium soot and oil deposits or it can be used straight for long term, embedded and heavy duty soot and oil removal. See label for dilution recommendations.


Code Orange can be used alone; however, if maximum efficiency is your goal, consider using it as part of the REACT | EXTRACT SYSTEM for FIRE DAMAGE. For surfaces with a Soot Severity Index™ ranging from SSI-1 through SSI-4, performance is amplified and labor is reduced. In this case, pre-treat surfaces with a 50/50 mixture of Code Orange and OxyPrep. After a 1-2 minute dwell time, apply Oxypar LR. An exothermic reaction will occur between the two products lifting and suspending deeply embedded soil load. After a dwell time of at least 1 minute, vacuum extract surfaces. If any soot or soil load remains, apply the Code Orange / OxyPrep solution a second time. This will result in a second reaction and suspension of remaing soot which should be extracted from the surface.


To leave behind the freshest fragrance, add 2-3 ounces of SorbAssist to the Code Orange / OxyPrep solution prior to use OR add 2-3 ounces of SorbAssist to 1 gallon of distilled water and ULV fog the environment.


PriceFrom $56.00
1 Gallon
  • When used alone:

    • Quickly penetrates and lifts oil and soot deposits
    • Pleasant citrus fragrance

    As Part 1 of REACT | EXTRACT for FIRE DAMAGE

    • Combines with OxyPrep to pre-treat surfaces
    • Sets up surface for fast REACT | EXTRACT process
    • Reacts with Oxypar LR to suspend soot for complete extraction
    • Reduces total job site labor and time
    • Eliminates chemical odors
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