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Clear, matte and breathable mold and moisture resistant coating for the protection of structural and architectural construction materials in unconditioned and moisture prone spaces. Applies white, dries clear. For both interior and exterior use.

*Treated Articles Exemption - This product contains an EPA registered antimicrobial to protect the coating from non-public health fungi and odor causing bacteria. No public health claims are being made.


Seals Tenaciously

ClearGuard is a fast drying, self-priming protective coating. It's powerful adhesion comes from the industry's highest rated and tested resin system which "bites and locks" into surfaces for superior, and long-lasting protection. 


Uncompromised Moisture Resistance

Due to ClearGuards superior resin system, it acts as a permanent barrier on surfaces to prevent moisture content increases. This durable acrylic polymer and ceramic technology provides a long service life that is covered by a 10-15 year existing or new construction warranty.


Award Winning Protection

In 1996, our antimicrobial won the 1996 Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge Award for Designing Safer Chemistries. It's leach resistance ensures a long service life. It's non-persistence in the environment prevents pollution and liability.


Double the Product

Other leading coatings typically require 20 wet mils (80 square feet per gallon) to achieve warranted coverage. Due to ClearGuard proprietary resin and antimicrobial systems, warranted coverage is achieved at only 10 wet mils (160 square feet per gallon). Double the coverage means half the product, in half the time.


Uni-Directional Breathability

ClearGuard is breathable to prevent against locking in moisture which could lead to wet or dry rot conditions. This works by allowing water vapor to escape from structural surfaces while preventing absorption from the environment.


Zero Shine

Preserving the original look of protected surfaces is important. ClearGuard imparts a flat, clear finish so that it looks like there was never a problem.  In real estate transactions, that can make or break a sale.


Versatility for all projects

ClearGuard can seal new structures, protect existing structures or overcoat existing painted surfaces for additional protection.


Unmatched Warranty

At nearly half the wet mil thickness of other industry leaders, ClearGuard offers a 10-year limited warranty on existing construction and a 15-year limited warranty on new construction against mold formation on the coating.

er gallon). Double the coverage means half the product, in half the timme.



1 Foot
    • Breathable to prevent dry or wet rot conditions
    • Acts as a moisture barrier to prevent moisture content increases
    • Forms a tough, resistant barrier to harsh environments and contaminants
    • Abrasion- resistant and scrubbable
    • Tintable, Water-based and non-flammable
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