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ChemMax® 2 is useful in protecting against hazardous chemicals and contaminants found in the work place and is a superior and economical chemical protective suit developed using the knowledge and expertise that you have come to expect from Lakeland®. The unparalleled strength and softness features a Saranex® 23P film on two layers of a unique bi-component spunbond nonwoven substrate which provides protection for chemical mixing and handling, environmental clean-up, hazardous materials remediation and response, pharmaceutical manufacturing, spray painting and general industry.


ChemMax® 2 offer chemical resistance that surpasses the highest breakthrough rating of 480 minutes including resistance to high and low pH chemicals (Oxypar, OxyPrep, SuperPar and high ppm Dutrion concentrates), waste water and hazardous liquid spray. Enviroguard's ChemMax 2 suit will come complete with:

  • Saranex® 23P Barrier Film = 480+ minutes (8+ hours) of continuous chemical exposure protection
  • Bi-Component Spunbond Nonwoven Substrate = High tensile strength tear resistance
  • Heat Sealed Seams = Non-tear + No chemical transmission through seams
  • Adhered Storm flap closure = No chemical transmission through zipper
  • Respirator fit hood = Sealed interface between full face respirator and hood
  • Elastic wrists = Sealed interface between gloves and wrists (with Push-Lock)
  • Non-skid boots = Complete leg/ankle non-tear + Chemical protection

ChemMax 2 Chemical Protective Suits

PriceFrom $62.00
  • ChemMax 2 garments provide robust protection against most industrial acid and base chemicals with high and low pH resistance. Bloodborne pathogen and viral protection tested, and passes ASTM 1670 and ASTM 1671. A cost-effective option for wastewater treatment facilities. ChemMax 2 fabric also meets the requirements of EN-1149 for Electrostatic Properties which means it has the ability to dissipate electrostatic charge from the surface of the clothing material. The ChemMax 2 garments sold by Enviroguard are standardized with heat sealed seams for maximum protection from chemicals.

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