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Water Restoration Products

For any type of water damage restoration, it is critical to be able to move fast and effectively. Enviroguard has the right products to outfit your team to do. You do not want to waste anytime when damage strikes, no matter the situation.

If you know a storm is coming, it is crucial to prepare the surfaces to prevent them from water penetration. This can help make the aftermath of a natural disaster easier to clean up and manage.

Our product, X4, is designed for this! It is a penetrating sealer that weatherizes and waterproofs exteriors to minimize wind-driven rain from seasonal storms and hurricanes. Because X4 also repels salts, it also prevents freeze/thaw damage in cold climate zones.

It is also important that your crew it prepared to go on site safely with the correct PPE. Before you get to the job, make sure you think through what will be needed. We have got some recommendations to help your team stay dry and protected.

Face/Respiratory PPE:

Multi-Gas/Multi-Vapor Cartridge - Even though you may not need this level of protection on every job, you never know what you may encounter and it is important to be prepared. This will protect you from all exposure levels.

Scratch-Resistant Goggles - Protect your eyes from chemicals and spray back.


ChemMax 1 Suit - To get the biggest bang for your buck and maximum protect, we recommend the ChemMax 1 suit. Since it is durable you can reuse it on jobs. These suits are designed with topmost protect in mind; the heat sealed seams prevent tear and chemical bleed through.


SHOWA 15mil - Water can make it easier for your gloves to dissolve. To avoid having to change gloves on the job, use 15mil. These gloves feature an embossed finish which provides vice-like wet and dry grip for optimum precision.

Push-Lock System - Our Push-Lock system is designed to prevent chemicals and liquids from in between that pesky area between the sleeve of your suit and gloves. It is easy to use and revolutionary. You simply put one piece under your glove and push and lock the other piece to create a seamless bind between your suit and glove.

No matter the cause of the water damage, whether it be a leaky pipe or hurricane, it it important to clean it properly.

Try using our PreClean to clean the surfaces. PreClean’s combination of wetting agents, surfactants, and anti-redeposition agents makes the pre-sanitization/disinfection cleaning of low, medium and heavy soil loads on porous, semi-porous, and non-porous surfaces easy and fast.

If the water job has become a mold job, you will want to use REACT|EXTRACT to get the job done. To learn more about REACT|EXTRACT, check out this page

After water damage penetrates a property, it is important to disinfect because standing water can be a breeding group for bacteria and mold growth. To reduce the chances of prolonged damage and issues, make sure disinfection takes place. The best way to accomplish this is with Dutrion.

Dutrion is a small, easy-to-transport disinfectant tablet (it also performs odor mitigation!). Dutrion comes in multiple sizes of tablets so you can choose what is best for the job you are preforming.

Lastly, didn't your mom always tell "leave a place cleaner than you found it"? You can accomplish this on your water damage jobs with Fortify. Fortify is a concentrated, durable, water-thin sealant built with a marine-grade antimicrobial package to prevent mold formation on structural surfaces prior to build-back. So, if another emergency ensues, the surfaces will be better prepared to combat potential water damage.

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