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Labor is the greatest cost in a service company. When labor is inefficient (i.e. scrubbing, sanding and wiping), three problems emerge.

  1. It's nearly impossible to increase revenue and profits

  2. Those performing the work become disenchanted with their job leading to turn-over.

  3. Quality suffers and callbacks escalate thereby reducing profits further.

Solves All Three Issues.

First, REACT|EXTRACT takes the lid off of revenue and profits by reducing job completion times by between 40% to 70% based on manual vs electric methods. This enables you to complete two to three times the work in the same amount of time. In turn, this supplies motivation, not only to the crew doing the work, but also to those responsible for sales and business development.

Second, a REACT|EXTRACT job is evenly-paced, productive and satisfying. Crews are able to work together at a steady, predictable pace where they realize the satisfaction of a job well-done without the monotony and drudgery of endless scrubbing, sanding or wiping.

Finally, REACT|EXTRACT ensures quality. The neutralization reaction in every service is visual giving immediate feedback to the technician and team performing the work. Since everything is visual, maintaining quality is simple which leads to satisfied customer who instead of calling you back, are happy to supply Google reviews and reviews on your website which further enhance your business development and growth.

How does REACT|EXTRACT ™ work?

Screen Shot 2023-08-24 at 9.23.34 AM.png


OxyPrep is applied to the surface to lift the soil load 

Screen Shot 2023-08-24 at 9.24.10 AM.png


Then OxyPar is applied to create a chemical reaction that cleans and neutralizes the area.

Screen Shot 2023-08-24 at 9.24.23 AM.png


Next, extract the lifted soil load for a clean, mold free surface. 


Upgrade your remediation services with REACT|EXTRACT™.

The time is now.

Beyond Enviroguard products and technical support, Enviroguard Certified Firms enjoy an exclusive relationship packed with marketing, sales and service training, continuing education to support the business development of its partners; and Enviroguard Certified Firms have access to the bi-annual Market Makers event to learn from and share best practices with our network.

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