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A concentrated cross-contamination control agent that encapsulates air and surface borne particles/contaminants (such as spores, dust, asbestos and heavy metals) and immobilizes them on surfaces until cleaned away. Apply via ULV fogger, pump sprayer, electrostatic sprayer or electric sprayer. Knockdown is compatible with all surfaces; however, it is a film former that could leave glass and shiny surfaces spotted. Any spotting can be easily removed with water.

  • Shelf Life: 24 months
  • Spray Coverage: Up to 500 ft^2 per gallon
  • Fogging Coverage: 3-5 ounces per 1,000 ft3


To leave behind the freshest fragrance, add SorbAssist to SuperPar prior to use OR ULV fog SorbAssist once cleaning is complete.


PriceFrom $70.00
8 Fluid ounces
    • Surrounds and encapsulates contaminants, fragments and particles such as mold spores, heavy metals, asbestos and dust
    • Drops contaminants to surfaces and locks them in place until cleaning to prevent cross-contamination
    • During cleaning (such as the REACT/EXTRACT Remediation System), Knockdown and the contaminants it has encapsulated are easily removed producing a cleaner environment
    • Leaves behind no toxic or hazardous chemicals
    • Water-based and no VOC's
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