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Grease Gobbler is a versatile and heavy duty cleaner originally manufactured for cleaning Navy flight decks. It is concentrated an can be heavily diluted for light and medium soils (like brake dust) or it can be used straight for heavy duty degreasing and even hood and engine block cleaning. Additionally, it can be used for exterior restoration to remoe tannin staining and oxidation from vinyl and painted siding. See label for dilution recommendations. Shelf Life: 24 months Coverage: Up to 300 ft^2 per gallon once diluted.


To leave behind the freshest fragrance, add SorbAssist to Grease Gobbler prior to use.

Grease Gobbler

PriceFrom $39.00
1 Gallon
  • Penetrates, lifts and removes tough, caked-on dirt, oils, greases and soot

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