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Want to Become a Distributor?

What does it look like to become an Enviroguard distributor? What does it mean to be a part of our team?

These are some crucial questions to ask yourself if you are looking at investing into our enterprise. We want to walk you through the key steps of distributorship and important aspects to ponder.

Distributorship means more than just a dealer to us. It is a partnership. When joining our team, we value the crucial insights that you have to the industry. Also, we are here to support you every step of the way -- from launch to being well-established. Not only do we want to prepare you to be profitable, we also want to prepare you to be the best you while you are doing it.

So, who should join our team? People who have an entrepreneurial passion and who are enthusiastic about the chemical remediation industry.


Investing in Enviroguard is more than just a monetary investment. It is investing in a brand that cares about the industry and bringing its customers the top performance through hard work and dedication. It is an investment that gives back. Are you eager to leave customers feeling supported and cared for in a way they never have before? Then maybe this is the partnership for you.

You and your distributor team will be investing in the remediation industry by supplying the best practices and products to customers.

Although, you probably want to know about the monetary investment too. How much will this cost and what do you need to invest?

Here are the beginning assets needed:

License Fee: $15k

Initial Inventory: $20k-$30k

Store Location: Approximately 800-1500 sq. ft.

Total Investment Range = $40k-$90k


As an Enviroguard Distributor you will need to have a minimum of $250,000 in liquid assets and a net worth of 500k per distributorship. You may also consider purchasing an existing Enviroguard Distributorship by meeting the minimum financial requirements for your desired market.

We want to make sure you have a good starting place and the capacity to begin a distributorship successfully.


Why should you want to invest in Enviroguard? Our commitment is to bringing the market the right products, training, and support!

We are passionate about understanding the chemistry behind our products. In order to supply our customers with the best, we have to understand it. Mark Maier, our founder and CEO, has worked in the chemical textile industry for the majority of his career. He deeply understands the products and is involved with the formulation process for each one. His vision is to create products for contractors that are the best and help them preform the best. Our products help contractors generate revenue and create efficiencies.

Training is a core element of what we do at Enviroguard and it comes in many forms -- it goes beyond just product training. We want to supply our customers with technical understanding while also aiding them in areas of business development and marketing. We believe that providing a holistic view of processes in the industry from safety, to sales, to techniques. We believe this is the best way to see our customers succeed. We can teach you how to make training one of your greatest strengths too! And, you will help us supply more people with beneficial training in order to revolutionize the industry.

No matter what, we want to provide the right support to all of our customers; whether that is bringing them life-changing products, walking them through a job, or supplying them with marketing/sales aids. Our customer's success is our success. We will teach you how to bring outstanding support to your region.


So what does becoming a distributor look like in a tangible sense?

After you submit an application, we will go through a process of reviewing and approving. If your application is approved, you will meet with us to discuss your business plan. You will be expected to supply us with a business plan, financial information, and a background check. Once these things are approved, we will help you designate a physical location and work through the Enviroguard Distributor Agreement. Once signed, it will be time to finalize everything, train your team, and launch!

Training will be a week long process at our head-quarters in Banner Elk, NC. You will be equipped with all the knowledge you need to begin: sales tools, system operations, product training, shipping information, and more! But don't worry, we know that is a lot to take in in one week and will be there to walk alongside you afterwards too.

For the first week of your launch, Mark will visit your location to help get things running smoothly and host kickoff events such as open houses, certification trainings, and/or workshops.


Can you envision yourself working with us? Do you think you are the right fit? Fill out an application today to begin the preliminary conversations. We can not wait to hear from you!

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