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Get Suited Up for the Splash Zone!

It is always important to be dressed properly for the job you are going on. At Enviroguard we recognize that safety is a top priority. We want to make sure you and your team are educated on how to suit up properly.

When it comes to water remediation, we also want to make sure you are staying dry! Following proper PPE protocols and understanding the materials can deeply help you in this endeavor. In this article we will go over different types of suits, types of respiratory gear, gloves, and a bonus for water remediation.

First, when preparing for a job there are a couple of questions you need to ask yourself:

1) Will you be using products that are non-oxidizers or oxidizers?

2) What type of exposure environment will you be in? Incidental, direct, or prolonged?

Once you answer these questions, you can use this table to guide you in the right direction!

So, what are oxidizers? Oxidizers are chemical compounds that let off oxygen or other readily combustible particulates. Essentially, products that contain oxidizers are more prone to creating fires, are hazardous, and not good to breath in; so, it is important that you have the correct respiratory gear.

Also, what are exposure levels? Let's break them down.

An incidental exposure level is when the likelihood of chemical contact is minimal. An example of this is working in an open-framed environment.

A direct exposure level is when you expect the occasional spray and splash. An example of this would be working in a closed space (specifically where chemical is less that three feet from you).

A prolonged exposure environment is where chemical contact is continuous and spray/splash is certainly expected.

N-95 Masks

Organic Vapor with P/100

Multi-Gas / Multi-Vapor with P/100

*It is important to make sure that you have the right cartridge when working with oxidizers. If you are working with oxidizers, you need to use the multi-gas/multi-vapor cartridge. If you can smell anything then you have the wrong cartridge -- make sure it is not an organic cartridge.

45-55 G Micropourus - A breathable, non-woven material that resists dirt and non-oxidizer incidental chemical contact alone.

Polypropylene - A non-breathable, non-woven material that resists 480+ minutes of non-oxidizer prolonged chemical exposure as well as incidental oxidizer contact.

Saranex - A non-breathable, non-woven material that resists 480+ minutres of prolonged chemical exposure from oxidizers.

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