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Enviroguard Certified Firms: A New Standard in Customer Care

(Banner Elk, NC) -- Enviroguard Corporation is excited to announce the roll-out of ertified Firms. ertification elevates partnering firms by supplying them with excellent skills and tools to maximize profitability and efficiency.

Enviroguard hosted their first class on June, 21 2023. During this course, participating firms were exposed to safety procedures, how to use a dual-pump pressurized sprayer product application tool that reduces job labor by up to 60% (the BTM sprayer), Mold Severity Indexing (MSI), customer-engaging sales techniques, and more.

The firms that participated in this inaugural class: AdvantaClean of Cabarrus and Rowan Counties (NC), Franklin Environmental Services (TN), M.I.T.S Excellence LLC (AL), ProCare Restoration (NC), Sunshine Restoration and Clenaing (MD), Secure Restoration (NC), Termiguard (NJ). Envrioguard is proud to partner with these trail-blazing Certified Firms as new brand and profit building support tools continue to roll out each month.

"Enviroguard has worked hard to equip certified firms with the best service and customer support procedures/practices," says Enviroguard CEO, Mark Maier. "The technical training in this course aligns with the IICRC recommendations, studies, and findings in order to fulfill industry standards. It is important to us that our course provides the best and most relevant information in the field."

Upon completing Enviroguard's Mold Services course featuring such training as Dutrion™ Fumigation for MSI 1 Zones, REACT|EXTRACT for MSI 3 Zones, Certified Firms have a deep understanding of successfully remediating Condition 2 and Condition 3 environments. Just as importantly, they gain the skills to identify and classify those Conditions more specifically for the understand of property owners and how to ensure good communication and expectation setting throughout the relationship.

Mold Severity Indexing™ (MSI) is a system that was born out of Enviroguard's first Market Makers group meeting in 2022 when a select group of contractors met at Enviroguard Corporation in Banner Elk, NC to share best practices and ways of improving jobs; is able to give a detailed description to each mold zone within a space. This tool enhances the three Conditions provided by the IICRC by further breaking down the classifications by linking them to visible standards for customer education and job procedures supplying the best results, efficiency, and estimating standards. It helps to maximize profits while providing value to the property owner. For contractors this means that according to the MSI level, they are able to choose the best suited process for remediation that effectively cleans the space while also being mindful of efficiency and profitability.

With two classes complete and classes on the schedule in Bellingham, WA, Fort Lauderdale, FL, Banner Elk, NC and Damascus, MD, Enviroguard is eager to grow beyond 30 Certified Firm partners in 2023.Enviroguard will continue to develop further courses to assist Certified Firms with an Odor Removal course on the horizon as well as a Liquid Applied Commercial Roofing Systems featuring the industry's first Limited Lifetime Warranty system.

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