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Keep Job Equipment Looking New

ShineOn was developed to clean and restore plastic and metal equipment used in the remediation, restoration and construction industries. Use ShineOn after equipment cleaning with PreClean and decontaminating with Dutrion for a final clean and restorative shine. When used on plastics, ShineOn emollients add natural oils back into the substrate to prevent cracking and to extend life. When used on metals, it adds luster for a "like new" radiance.


Prevent Corrosion

Use ShineOn as a pre-treatment or post-treatment on metals (iron/steel, copper, aluminum, galvanized) to prevent corrosion and oxidation. In construction, these materials include but are not limited to pipes, wiring, boxes, metallic tapes, ducting, fasteners, anchors and hangers.


ShineOn Everything

In addition to job equipment, ShineOn can be used on all consumer appliances and fixtures including but not limited to refrigerators, microwaves, ovens, grills, metal fixtures and small appliances. 


PriceFrom $30.00
    • Read-to-use
    • Shines stainless steel
    • Restores plastics for a new appearance and longevity
    • Prevent corrosion
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