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MSI-3 Zone Remediation

Are you caught up on MSI zones and how they are beneficial for mold remediation services? In this post, we will be covering how to remediate an MSI-3 zone. If you have missed how to remediate 1 and 2 zones, please refer back to our other posts!

Mold Severity Indexing is a tool that helps contractors define the mold levels of a zone within a property properly and efficiently. It is based off of the conditions defined by the IICRC but goes more in depth so the best application can be practiced to treat the zone and yield the best results!

Spectrum of MSIs:

MSI-3 Remediation

MSI-3 is when we have to begin tackling staining/pigmentation in addition to surface mold. For results, we recommend our REACT | EXTRACT method.

REACT | EXTRACT is a system of remediation where the neutralization between two proprietary products, OxyPrep and OxyPar LR, followed by vacuum extraction, result in superior remediation. Depending on the severity of the situation, REACT | EXTRACT methods may be repeated; but, for MSI 3, they are just implemented once. It is a superior method to remove deep soil loads and disinfect the area. This process is based on information and recommendations from the industry standard, IICRC S-520.

Also, we have created materials to help you walk through these steps. These resources can be found under the Learn tab, on the Procedures page.

The first tool is an in-depth Step-by-Step guide. It will take you through what materials are needed to complete the job, how you should prepare, how to scale what product you will need, and use instructions. This guide helps you think through how much product you may need to order and what small things will leave your customer most satisfied with their results.

The second tool we have created is a Cocktail Card. This is a resource that you can quickly pull up on the job and remind yourself of some steps that need to take place or materials that will be needed. It also offers some helpful tips so you can ensure you preforming the best practices.

Highlighted Products for MSI-2 Zone Remediation:


OxyPrep is a ready-to-use, water-based, instant mold stain remover. It eliminates the messy scrubbing, sanding and/or media blasting that can also lead to cross-contamination issues. OxyPrep is stabilized to prevent deterioration and shelf stability issues as well as to maximize safety for the user.

OxyPar LR

Oxypar LR is a ready-to-use hydrogen peroxide cleaner that immediately penetrates, lifts and suspends soil loads and brightens surfaces for a completely clean substrate. Can be used on wood, composite materials, concrete, brick, stone, grout, masonry, gypsum, and painted surfaces.

This product will foam up to show you where the soil load is so you can wipe it clean for a clean surface.

Dutrion 20 g Tabs

Dutrion 20 gram tabs are a versatile, easy-to-use chlorine dioxide solution! All you do is drop the tablet into water to yield the solution type you are looking for and it is ready to go. Also, it is small, light-weight, and easy to transport to your job site.

Dutrion can be used to disinfection, cleaning, and more. We recommend using it to remediate mold zones.

BTM Sprayer

Our Enviroguard BTM Sprayer system aids in effectively applying product through a pressurized spray job. This helps to create consistency and efficiency while also eliminating product waste by having better control over your product.

Also, it is a dual pump system, so you can have two products ready to go at a time.


Knockdown is a concentrated cross-contamination control agent that encapsulates air and surface borne particles/contaminants (such as spores, dust, asbestos and heavy metals) and immobilizes them on surfaces until cleaned away. The contaminants it encapsulates become ready and easy to remove producing a cleaner environment.

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