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1st Certification Class Recap

Last Wednesday, we had our first mold remediation services certification class! It was such an exciting day to host all who came here at Enviroguard HQ. The day was PACKED of training on safety, materials, equipment, and sales strategies.

We began the morning by going over different safety protocols and procedures. During this time we went over different types of exposure and the correct PPE. Classmates got to voice struggles that they faced which gave us insight on how to accommodate the needs of our customers in the near future. Then, we transitioned into discussing the right type of equipment selection for different types of jobs.

After our first batch of classroom session time, we transitioned to the warehouse to focus on some equipment training. During this session, we went in depth on how to use and maintain the BTM sprayer system.

Not only did the attendees learn a lot last week, but we did too and can not wait to continue to improve the course so we can offer it to more firms. Also, it gave us a framework to start thinking through other types of remediation certification.

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