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The Enviroguard Certified Firm

Product training is not certification, at least not to us. For an Enviroguard Certification to have value, it must offer a complete lifecycle of the service that Enviroguard products serve. It must provide the step-by-step instruction, opportunities to practice and hone each step/skill, and it must test to ensure both practical and knowledge-based retention. 

The Certified Firm partnership is unique.

At it's core, we want to provide our customers with better and ongoing job procedures, product systems, sales strategies and marketing support to help them increase sales as we pursue building property owner education, lead qualification and lead generation tools with and for Enviroguard Certified Firms.


But with a charter like that, certification isn't for everyone. 

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Certification isn't for everyone.

Accountability, communication, teamwork, and ethics are central to the relationship between Enviroguard and the Certified Firm. As a good friend of ours said "We have to be aligned". For qualified companies, it's is a two-way commitment to a partnership in all areas of marketing strategy, sales process and service execution. Of course, the benefit to the relationship is exclusivity.

Hallmarks of the partnership

Intellectual Property Licensing

A fee-free license only available to Certified Firms that covers All trade names, branding, service marks, tag lines, descriptors, designs, typography, color palettes, copyrights, content, graphics, video, images and derivative works

Exclusive Systems Training

Service-focused safety, product systems, procedural, equipment use, assessment, sales process and estimating instruction for the purposes of differentiation, enhanced operations, greater average sales, increased closing percentages and net profitability


Website content frame-working, document branding, electronic media creation, landing page creation, back linking with instruction and 90-day live ramp-up support


Monthly live, recorded continuing education focused on updates to product systems, sales tools and marketing systems with training and use strategies for organized and immediate use

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The Components of Certification


Service Training

The first session of certification is taught in a step-by-step, hands-on manner. It teaches the essential details of safety/PPE, equipment selection/use, the BTM Spray System, Mold Severity Index-focused Mold Services, Disinfection and Recurrence Prevention; but most importantly, it teaches how they're all coordinated to maximize efficiency, results and profitability. 

Sales Training

The second session of certification is step-by-step instruction, demonstration and role play on the six steps of the S.E.T. (Simple. Effective. Teachable.) Sales Process. You'll learn why the order of your sales process is essential for high closing percentages, and why the tools we've designed work. When the day is complete, you'll understand how to move a customer from interview through estimate without pressure, where your customer will respect, value and be committed to you. 

Ongoing Support

Completing the certification course is only the beginning. You'll be provided with a free license that allows you to access any and all video, content and design work offered by Enviroguard. You'll be added to the "find a local contractor" page with geo-tracking. And each month, we'll hold an hour long webinar that facilitates new field, marketing, and business development support; and it simultaneously provides continuing education credit to maintain your Enviroguard certification.



Certified Firm Support

Marketing Support

Certified Firms receive monthly content for web, social media and email in the form of written, static and video media.

Sales Support

Certified Firms receive monthly updates to service presentations, customer education materials and estimating aids.

Service Support

Certified Firms receive monthly updates to service protocols, product use, and  installation techniques.

Continuing Education

Continuing Education Credit are fulfilled through participation in the monthly Marketing, Sales and Service Support webinars which are accessed and managed through the backend of the Enviroguard website.

What you can expect once you contact us

  1. Application. Complete your application for our team to review.

  2. Discovery. Meet to discuss your business, learn about the Certified Firm partnership and get your questions answered.

  3. Review. Nail down training, license and preparatory details, 

  4. Approval. Sign your license and pay for certification training

  5. Launch. Receive Certified Firm and service specific training, and execute the 90 day plan

No big out-of-pocket support fees

For only $199 per month, your company will receive exclusive Certified Firm Support. The 12-month subscription includes:

  1. Certified Firm Onboarding:  Initial guidance to organize web/digital content associated with Enviroguard Mold Services

  2. Custom Branded Print & Digital Materials:  Existing marketing and business development tools

  3. Monthly Marketing, Sales & Service Support Updates:  Additional tools and training to continually support growth

  4. Ongoing, Region-based Geo-tracking:  Enhanced SEO and organic lead generation

Additional employees can be added to your subscription for only $25/month with the same training and support access. Companies with more than one location can add regions for an additional $99/month each.

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Discover the Enviroguard Certified Firm Opportunity!

If you're ready to discover an exclusive manufacturing partnership that also offers ongoing training, marketing and sales tool development support with your best interests as the core focus, fill out the form below.


We received your application. An Enviroguard Team Member will be in touch soon!

Coming Soon: Connectivity

As an Enviroguard Certified Firm, our website will geo-track every residential and commercial customer who visits our site, and it will provide them with a direct path to you. We'll also provide you with the support to set up each of the mold services on your website with support links back to Enviroguard content to enhance your search engine optimization and organic lead generation.

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