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The Enviroguard Certified Firm

Product training is not certification, at least not to us. For an Enviroguard Certification to have value, it must offer a complete lifecycle of the service that Enviroguard products serve. It must provide the step-by-step instruction, opportunities to practice and hone each step/skill, and it must test to ensure both practical and knowledge-based retention. 

Certification isn't for everyone.

Accountability, communication, teamwork, and ethics are central to the relationship between Enviroguard and the Certified Firm. For qualified companies, it's is a two-way commitment to a partnership in all areas of marketing strategy, sales process and service execution. Of course, the benefit to the relationship is exclusivity.

Three Components of Certification

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Day one of Certification focuses on steps 1 through 4 of the Perfect Cusetomer Lifecycle including Generating Interest, Laad Capture, Educating & Building Trust and Conversion.


Day two of Certification is step-by-step instruction and role play on the Six Steps of the S.E.T. Sales Process. By the time the day is complete, you'll understand how to move a customer from interview through estimate without pressure and where your customer will value the relationship they've built with you.


Day three of Certification focuses on the service. We begin with safety before moving into the each service. Service training is broken down into site prepration, product review, best practices, equipment training/use/maintenance, product use and specifications. Services tend to have sub-services, 



Free License

Every Certified Firm receives a free license to use Enviroguard intellectual property including but not limited to branding, product images, written content, video content and trademarks.

Certified Firm Support

Marketing Support

Certified Firms receive monthly content for web, social media and email in the form of written, static and video media.

Sales Support

Certified Firms receive monthly updates to service presentations, customer education materials and estimating aids.

Service Support

Certified Firms receive monthly updates to service protocols, product use, and  installation techniques.

Continuing Education

Continuing Education Credit are fulfilled through participation in the monthly Marketing, Sales and Service Support webinars which are accessed and managed through the backend of the Enviroguard website.

No big out-of-pocket training fees

For only $299 per month, your company will receive exclusive Certified Firm status in your region and one individual certification for the owner. The 12-month subscription includes:

  1. Certified Firm onboarding

  2. Certification training 

  3. Monthly marketing, sales and service support

  4. Region-based geo-tracking

Additional employees can be added to your subscription for only $25/month with the same training and support access. Companies with more than one location can add regions for an additional $99/month each.

Discover the Enviroguard
Certified Firm Opportunity!

Book a 30-minute window below to learn more about how Certification with Enviroguard can elevate your brand and sales.

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